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1-2-1  Mentoring 

Whiskey Kisses is about educating and equipping artists with the tools to run their own show. 

We believe knowledge is power, whether you want to be totally DIY or hire the right person for the job. We provide skilled mentors who will share their knowledge with you 1-2-1 so that the session is directly tailored to your needs. 

Whether it's help with your branding or PR strategies, songwriting and production or what your next step could be, we have someone who can help you on your path. 


Each month we will provide masterclasses to cover ALL aspects of a musical career. 

These will include your usual suspects such as marketing or writing, alongside confidence coaching, health and wellbeing and loads more topics. The idea behind masterclasses is to give you access to topics you may not have considered and create a community environment where we can collaborate and work together. It's a class and networking event all in one!

Approved Partners 

We vet all partners on our list for quality and professionalism. 

That way we can make sure we are connecting you with the best service providers we can! Our partners suit a range of budgets and projects covering audio production, videography, photography, PR, marketing and so much more. 

There are also some exclusive WK Discounts to help you realise your projects. 

The Roster

Apply to our artist roster.

The WK roster features a collection of artists working with us. We advertise this with the aim of creating a hub of talented artists which radio, bloggers and bookers can use to discover some incredible talents! 

The Story Behind WK

Whiskey Kisses Promotions started out as a live events business venture to help bring more unsigned artists from the Roots, Americana and Country genres to Leeds. Founded by Roots music artist Emilia Quinn, the gigs had a unique spin for both audience and artists alike. As the shows were being organised and run by a performing artist they tended to cater well for the musicians on the line ups, always remembering artist experience is just as important as audience enjoyment.


Maintaining the artist-friendly ethos, Whiskey Kisses is now offering more than just live gig slots. 


Whiskey Kisses now provides a holistic support system for independent musicians looking to grow their career. From Marketing and PR to creating eye-catching promotional materials to maintaining mental and physical wellbeing, Whiskey Kisses are creating a community which takes all aspects of running a DIY music career into account. 


There are several businesses out there that simply provide a service, without sharing much knowledge on how it all works. There is of course a place for this, however, Whiskey Kisses aims to bridge a gap by educating artists while helping them create the promotional marketing materials they need to have. Knowledge is power. 


So instead of doing it all for the artist, Whiskey Kisses will guide them through the processes they need to achieve their goals, while allowing them to have full control and learn vital skills on how to build their career and look after themselves. 


Whiskey Kisses have also partnered with talented independent businesses to provide creative and wellbeing services such as videography, photography, mixing and mastering, confidence coaching and even physical training. These businesses have been vetted by the WK Team to ensure their quality is of high standards and they are a positive influence. 


With skilled team members and high-quality partners, Whiskey Kisses is run for artists by artists. We understand what it’s like to be independent in this industry and we are here to help you succeed. 




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